Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Please allow me to introduce myself...

...I'm a girl of wealth and taste


I’m 26 years, I'm Italian.
I come from a middle class family and I have wonderful parents. I live with my brother in our little sweet home. I am graduated in communications and I have a job in that field that I like so much.

I love sports, I’m mad for snow and skiing and, of course, ... shopping, that is something you might not find very original.
In Second LIfe I look similar to the real me, even if I don’t use the red hair extensions every day!

If you met me in RL you would think I'm a good girl.

But… there is something else, that I kept just for myself since I was a teen.
It’s my… dark side. It’s strong, hard to fight.
It pushes me to do things a good girl should not do…You can imagine it’s hard to admit it exists: it’s against my education, my culture.

Well, let me share my secret with you...
I was always very excited at the idea of… being bought, to be used for pleasure.
I tried to do it in RL, I put some pics on a web site. I was weak: I refused any date, because I was too afraid to be discovered by my family. I wanted to be the good girl my family raised.

Finally, I found Second Life, a place where I could please my fantasy, a place to let my dark side go very free.
A place where a good girl can be enjoyed by men, by you...

I’m doing it for real. SL is not a game. I want to have real experiences, here.
I would really feel bought, that would give me real pleasure, a pleasure that I would like to give back to you, fully.
Mind is all, body follows.

Thanks for your interest on me