Monday, January 24, 2011

That's really short sexy Tartan! (Palela, Second Life sexy escort)

Hei, I love this tartan outfit.
Red is my favorite color, you know taht.
And, yes, it's really short!
Anybody can read the tatoo? I'm pretty filthy.


Raza Lane said...

Great skirt and great pics, you really know how to tease and get a guy excited! Keep it up.

I hate you said...

You fucking whore, you should get stoned with pellets you fucking motherless bitch! I hope your dad finds out and kills your whide asshole! I hope you get torn to pieces by a group of black men! I will find you myself! You FUCKING, nigger son of a cunt hole full of AIDS!

Anonymous said...

"cum slut".. ;-) come slut, come .. waiting for ya.. sweet bitch.. wanna buy u. :D

- ben

Palela Alderson said...

Thank you Ben, I hope to meet you.

Fucking whore? Yes I am.

Thanks Raza Lane!

Candy Palmer said...

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